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Qualified Protective Drivers

As well as years of experience on the roads, our professional protective drivers have undertaken a thorough, seven-day training program in order to acquire all the necessary skills to provide a high-quality, protective driving service. This training program includes a three-day course in protective driving, internationally recognized and accredited by RoSPA; a two-day course in First Aid, endorsed and approved by the Hong Kong government and a further two-day program in Security Training, approved by the Hong Kong Police.

This program is designed to fulfil the training needs of any professional protective driver who may potentially transport passengers with security need as a result of being under specific threats; such as high-risk of kidnapping, high-jacking and robbery, or any other high-risk situations encountered when travelling by road.

Protective Drivers

Tailored Recruitment

We provide tailored recruitment for our customers; let us know which driver profile you are looking for and we will find them, recruit them and equip them with our certified training package.

If you are considering employing a driver for your company or organization, request a quote from us first and we can take care of the hiring and administration process.

Our Protective Drivers Training

We ensure that our customers are provided with an excellent, second to none service. With that on mind, we deliver an extensive training package to all our protective drivers so they can acquire specific knowledge and skills. This training programme includes our RoSPA approved Protective Driving Training, an officially recognised First Aid course and a the Hong Kong approved QAS Private Security course. 


Protective Driving Training


Medical Training


Security Training


Protective Driving Training

Our three-day course has been specifically designed for Hong Kong by an experienced light-infantry forces veteran, covering authentic driving conditions and situations. Upon successful completion, an internationally recognised certificate is issued which has been approved by one of the most important worldwide agencies in vehicle accident prevention, The Royal Society of Accident Prevention.

DAY 1: Becoming a better driver

Lesson 1:    Role of the advanced driver
Lesson 2:   Understanding driving risks
Lesson 3:   The System of Car Control – roadcraft

Lesson 4:   Practical Driving Training

Day 2: Advanced Driving Training

Day 3: Protective Driving Training

Lesson 1:  Vehicle safety systems

Lesson 2:  Pre-mission operations

Lesson 3:  Advanced Driving Techniques

Lesson 4:  Practical Driving Training

Lesson 1:  Anti-Ambush Techniques

Lesson 2: Protective driving Techniques

Lesson 3: Convoy Driving

Lesson 4: Practical Driving Training

Protective Driving Training

Medical Training

We understand the importance of being prepared in emergency situations. When discussing our customers’ health there is no hesitation; our drivers are specifically trained to provide first aid if needed. The St. John Red-Cross Hong Kong organization are our first-aid official training providers. The Hong Kong Approved BFA training programme covers the following topics:

  • The concept of First Aid

  • Problems of the Respiratory System Problems of the Circulation Wounds and Bleeding

  • Burns and Scalds

  • Problems of Body Temperature Loss of Consciousness

  • Poisoning

  • Foreign Bodies

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Fractures

  • Materials for First Aid


Security Training

Trust Protective Driver Services provides qualified protective drivers and high-end equipped vehicles to several local and international security companies. We provide our drivers with the training and licensing required to ensure that our customers are compliant with the local legislation when providing a full close protection team service. Highly reputable centres provide security training to our drivers locally in Hong Kong. This approved training programme covers the following topics:

  • Basic responsibilities of security guards

  • Overview of the law relating to security

  • Preparing incident reports

  • First aid

  • Handling emergency situations

  • Basic building management and maintenance

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