Protective Driving Training Course

Our three-day course has been specifically designed for Hong Kong by an experienced light-infantry forces veteran, covering authentic driving conditions and situations.


Upon successful completion, internationally recognized certificates are issued which are accredited by one of the most important worldwide agencies in vehicle accident prevention, The Royal Society of Accident Prevention.

Our commitment is to raise protective driving standards and ensure that all trainees are adequately equipped to face real-life situations.


Delivery Method

Students will undertake a course based on 50% theoretical training and 50% practical training to ensure the knowledge and skills acquired are applied correctly within a real-life context. The course follows a 4:1 instructor/student ratio to ensure a personalized learning experience.

Course Content

All delegates will learn advanced vehicle control skills, vehicle dynamics and safety systems, security driving techniques and convoy driving procedures. Participants will carry out a final exercise in which they will put into practice all the content learned throughout the course by facing simulated scenarios. Students will understand the importance of maintaining full situational awareness in order to make quick decisions and avoid potential dangers.

The students will undertake several theoretical and practical assessments throughout the training programme. All those who successfully pass the assessments will receive an internationally recognised Protective Driving Training Certificate approved by the Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents.

Course Aim and Objectives

The Protective Driving Training course has been developed to increase the awareness of road safety and driving risks and to enhance accident prevention skills for any road-user,

particularly professional drivers working within a Close Protection team as executives or

protective drivers.

The training programme is based on the System of Car Control from the Roadcraft and the ACPO Police Driver Training Programme.

  • Understanding risks associated with driving and how to mitigate them accordingly.

  • Implementing the System of Car Control of the Road-Craft into daily driving in order to achieve a better control of the vehicle.

  • Learning and understanding how passive and active vehicle safety systems work in vehicles.

  • Acquiring new skills in order to prevent unforeseen risky situations and to learn how to react in a secure and safe manner.


  • Understanding how vehicle dynamics and forces are applied when operating a vehicle and how to react when there is a loss of the grip between the tyres and the road (skidding).

  • Increasing situational awareness while driving and understanding the principles of evasive driving.

  • Learning how to implement and carry out anti-ambush and surveillance detection techniques.

  • Learning the important safety and security principles while driving within a convoy movement.

Course Outline

DAY 1: Becoming a better driver

Lesson 1:    Role of the advanced driver
Lesson 2:   Understanding driving risks
Lesson 3:   The System of Car Control – roadcraft

Lesson 4:   Practical Driving Training

Day 2: Advanced Driving Training

Lesson 1:  Vehicle safety systems

Lesson 2:  Pre-mission operations

Lesson 3:  Advanced Driving Techniques

Lesson 4:  Practical Driving Training

Day 3: Protective Driving Training

Lesson 1:  Anti-Ambush Techniques

Lesson 2: Protective driving Techniques

Lesson 3: Convoy Driving

Lesson 4: Practical Driving Training


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