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Protective Limousine Service

Trust Protective Driver Service is the very first company to provide Protective Limousine Services in Hong Kong and other countries within the region thanks to our high-quality world-class partners.


Our services include: Airport Transfer, On Hire Service, Long Term Service, Cross-Border Service and Large-scale Event Management. Our professional consultants prepare the latest and safest vehicles for you. 

All protective drivers have undertaken our training package to ensure they uphold excellent protective driving skills.


Our multi-lingual customer service team will provide professional advice on your trip schedule, route and vehicle type. We provide a 24-hour hotline to answer any questions you may have immediately. We offer a unique service for a reasonable price whilst providing you with a peace of mind.

Protective Limousine Service

Airport Assistance

We offer our customers exclusive airport staff who will wait for you at arrivals to assist you in the most efficient way. Our staff will guide you to the VIP Airport Lounge where our Protective Driver will be waiting for you.

If you require specific assistance, we can arrange a member of our staff to wait for you right next to the boarding gate in order to guide and assist you inside the restricted area of the airport.

Our Fleet

Our vehicles will go above your expectations. We provide the latest models on the market which are fully maintained to ensure a reliable operational capability. All our vehicles are legally certified and insured according to local regulations for Private Limousine covering up to 100 million HKD of liability. Our protective drivers will perform a daily pre-driving check to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and ready for our customers.



5 Passengers

2.5 Petrol Engine with 179HP

0-100km/h 11.3 seconds



3 Passengers

V6 Petrol Engine with 362 HP

0-100km/h 4.8 seconds



3 Passengers

Electric Engine with 362HP

0-100km/h 5 seconds

Vehicle Equipment

At Trust Protective Driver Service, we have equipped our vehicles with additional material and technology systems in order to respond efficiently to emergency situations.


Emergency First Aid Bag


Emergency Break-Down Kit


GPS Monitored Tracking

Our VR6 Armoured Vehicle


Armoured / Bullet Proof Vehicles

Very High-Net-Worth families and CEOs of multi-millionaire companies are exposed to different risks during their daily life. We are proud to announce that we are one of the first companies in Asia which provides Armoured – Bullet Proof SUV vehicles to our customers who need that extra level of safety and security. This service is available for customers with long-term contracts.

Click here to download the BMW X5 VR6 specifications

Local Compliance

Trust Protective Driving Service does not provide any service stated under the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance of the Hong Kong government. We do not provide guarding services to any person or building. Our drivers undertake the QAS Security Guard Course in order to fulfil their professional skill-set and to help our customers (Licensed security companies) to be compliant when providing a bodyguard team (including the driver-bodyguard). We provide private limousine service under the 14(5) of the Road Traffic (Public Service Vehicles) Regulations, Cap. 374D.

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